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6 things you should NOT ask me

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I like to consider myself a generous guy and am always delighted to help others however I can. But there are 6 major fouls in my book that happen more often than I’d like, such as: Asking for money. I will “loan” money only to friends, which means I don’t… Read more »

So, you want to start your own online marketing agency?

I was chatting with a friend who has amazing online marketing skills and serves local clients. He wanted to grow his practice to include Fortune 500 brands. Here is my advice. Don’t assume growing is automatically a good thing. Once you get beyond a dozen or so clients, you’ll have… Read more »

Unexpected ways that social media will ROCK your world

You’ve heard about the rise of Farmville on Facebook– 63 million users and growing, representing 20% of Facebook’s users, not to mention that Facebook represents 25% of pageviews in the United States. But have you considered how game dynamics are beginning to permeate your life and that of your friends’… Read more »