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Southwest LOVES Me! Confessions of a mileage junkie

I rebooked a flight that costs 99 cents more and they swallowed the cost. Of course, they love you, too– and you’d get this if the rebooked fare is close. I’ve seen the “Southwest Fare Protection” as high as $2.70. As far as I can tell (and from forums like… Read more »

Hotwire.com: The blunder of not valuing your most important customers

This morning, after booking the next set of hotels for the upcoming week, I got an offer from Hotwire for $10 off my next booking.     I revel in working the system to my advantage, so I tried to claim it. They told my Fancy Hands assistant it was for new customers only…. Read more »

Hotel Booking Secrets Revealed!

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Sad, but I found out that I flew 306,000 miles last year and spent over 200 nights in hotels. And after a few years of living in hotels across this planet, you, lovely reader, get to benefit from my mistakes. Airbnb.com is disrupting the hotel industry If you haven’t heard,… Read more »