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What % of small businesses are online– some statistics

Tricky question, so let me answer it this way: To measure penetration, we need both the numerator (number of businesses that are using IYP, traditional YP, and BBB)– divided by the denominator ( number of locally-focused businesses). For the denominator: the traditional number bandied about at tradeshows for local biz… Read more »

Yodle CEO, Court Cunningham, talks to Borrell Associates about Local

It’s all about finding quality people—that’s what Court Cunningham says is the biggest challenge for Yodle, the local lead gen of which he’s CEO.  You need skilled people to both bring in new clients and set up campaigns—for them, they have 140 people in a call center dialing through the… Read more »

The upcoming Bubble in Local Search

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Yodle and Ambassador, both out of NYC, were featured in a Kelsey Group press release.  Yodle was founded by a friend of a friend of mine and just raised $10MM.  And ReachLocal’s $300MM valuation is insane.  Funny that these guys, Orange Soda, Webvisible, LocalLaunch, Marchex, and other folks are getting… Read more »