The new XBOX Natal will blow your mind– here’s why

project-natal-sensor-xboxEvery couple years there is a product innovation that just changes the game.  The new XBOX has no controller, so forget about buying a Nintendo Wii.  The new XBOX has facial recognition and voice recognition– so it can spot you among a crowd of players.  They show an example of a skateboarding game where the kid holds up his skate deck and it scans both sides into the game.  Watch the 3 minute video here:

I predict that:

  • Sales of keyboards and controllers will go way down.
  • Porn companies will find clever applications to hack the box.
  • You will be wasting a lot of time and money replacing your old stuff.
  • Voice and facial ID will supplement password recognition.
  • Uncle Sam and Big Brother are already excited about what is possible.

What do you think?  Are you scared?  Excited?



2 thoughts on “The new XBOX Natal will blow your mind– here’s why

  1. Keith Wilcox


    1. Expensive as hell
    2. Game development needs to be awesome or people will still buy the wii and see this as nothing more than a gimmick.
    3. Gaming experience has already proven to be wii’s strength. If they cannot market this to the HALO and COD crowd then it’s DOA
    4. Long way off. Probably won’t be out (for general public) for another year at least. How long is the XBOX life cycle already? They want 10 years, but the last XBOX was like 4.

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