24 thoughts on “This is why you don’t gossip on the Internet

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  2. Shane Dollas

    Right on Dennis

    waiting for shoe’s post
    hell im even waiting for more outing posts on techcrunch

  3. bb wolfe

    Dude, that was NOT a comprehensive rebuttal. Don’t you think you at least owe it to yourself to really do a great job setting the record straight?

    Your life and your biz dude, but Shoe said a lot, you should respond.

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  6. nitin

    I knew there is more to it than what Jeremy is telling.
    Obviously I am shocked at uniform slamming of Dennis by all so called big names including wf, sm etc.
    I know if you play your cards right a year down the road no-one will remember this incident. Keep going.

  7. just wondering

    Appreciate your efforts to keep it clean. This kind of reminds me of how people were reporting on how peoples atm data was being stolen on atm machines. Did it really help people? or did it just cause more fraud? Just something to ponder.

  8. kabuki

    You Suck at Life, you need to read blogs on how to be good at life, you are terrible at it. Plain and simple. You burn every bridge without fail. and you’re an enormous dbag. You should allow all comments on your site.

  9. jarvis


    It has been interesting reading both sides of the story, and one can assume the truth lies somewhere in the middle of this. The facebook scams are not a real suprise when you consider the demographics, but I am surpised so many advertisers and end users are throwing money at this…kind of reminds me of the twitter paid ads that are the current rage of the day.

  10. Harry

    @nitin: Don’t be shocked. You think these big names don’t have a reason? give me a break. They don’t got time to fuck with Dennis for no reason. Dennis is just trying to clean the industry up… uh… whatever. Nobody denies there have been some shady offers. Dennis admitted to pushing them. Fag.

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  12. Alex

    So many cliches


    ‘Industry leadership’ etc

    But no ’empowered’ – surely something wrong there as I didn’t think it was possible for an American to write anything without the word ’empowered’

  13. Shoemoney Killa

    I think you should beat the shit out of Shoemoney and his man-boobs. Shoe a lame! His ego is as big as he was before the surgery. Dude got a little money and a internet buzz and started to feel himself. I once was a Shoemoney fan until I grew sick of watching that cocky fat bastard toot his own horn. If its war he wants, I say give him war. Knock his chubby insecure ass down to earth.

  14. nitin

    @Harry – Naah I am not really married to whatever these biggie says. I know, have seen and even worked with a few in partnership. It is not really that whatever they say is the word of God. Also the techniques used by them at lot many times are not really the best practices followed. I just use my open mind before concluding anything at all.

  15. Alex

    Shoemoney is full of himself. You did a great post and tried to clear up what he wrote about you. The fact is that Shoemoney makes money from people who follow him without thinking. He build himself up online and thinks he’s better then everyone. He needs some humble pie. Keep up your blog posts and you will be fine in the make money online space. It will be funny how Shoe will try to make other look stupid from posting our views about him. That how insecure his is.

  16. Paul Schlegel

    Actually, the more I look into this the more likely I think Dennis’s claim about “consulting with the FTC” (probably in exchange for some sort of immunity) makes perfect sense.

    First of all, why would he – as my friend Lynndel Edgington of Eagle Research – points out…make “the Prosecutor’s case easier for him/her. Nothing like a signed confession to prove your case.” unless he was pretty sure his own company wouldn’t be investigated.

    But there is other technical information that seems to indicate that Dennis knows much more about how certain spam/scam operations work than what he’s revealed to date (which frankly has been pretty mundane).

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